For lasting peace in Rwanda

Over 105 Clubs for Peace in Rwanda engage young people to root out genocide ideologies and promote peace – creating a generation of peacebuilders on the frontlines. Rwanda Clubs for Peace is the national branch of World Clubs for Peace, an IAYG family organization, in Rwanda. 


Twenty-five years ago, Rwanda faced one of the worst tragedies known to man. Today, the nation’s peace must be protected – and that work begins with the nation’s young people. Across the country, Rwanda Clubs for Peace organizes clubs for peace in schools, community centers, and other community locations to teach peacebuilding, encourage civic engagement, and engage Rwandan youth of all backgrounds to fight for human rights.


The latest projects from the Rwanda Youth Clubs for Peace:

Our national anti-drug program supports young people by raising awareness of illegal drug usage and its threat to communities in students’ schools and communities.


Rwanda Clubs for Peace has been utilizing the potential and power of football to build more active, compassionate, and cohesive communities and support the sustainable development of a more open, just, and engaged society. Our annual FOOTBALL FOR PEACE tournament celebrates this important role by engaging young people of diverse backgrounds to share their love of sport.

Human Rights Empowerment

The Rwanda Youth Clubs for Peace Organization has been teaching young people across Rwanda about human rights, while also empowering them to transform their communities into the best it can be. We teach youth leadership and get young people on the ground advancing human rights.


Civic Engagement

The Rwanda Youth Clubs for Peace Organization has been working to create a generation of active citizens that support free and fair elections that are open to all. Through education and workshops in our clubs for peace, we train young people to be engaged citizens in their communities and in the nation.