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Rwanda Clubs for Peace is the national branch of World Clubs for Peace, an IAYG family organization, in Rwanda. Over 100 Clubs for Peace in Rwanda engage young people to root out genocide ideologies and promote peace – creating a generation of young peacebuilders on the frontlines. 

The work of our organization is a response to the necessity for peace building, anti-genocide ideologies, human rights promotion, and conflict resolution skills in Rwanda – most importantly, among the nation’s young people, who are stewards of Rwanda’s future.

Rwanda faced a terrible genocide starting in 1994. During this time, over one million people were killed. The genocide resulted in tens of thousands of widows and orphaned children. It was difficult for children whose parents were genocide perpetrators to integrate smoothly back into society. As teachers who care a lot about our country, we decided to support our government to find a quick and easy way to unite both sides. Rwanda Clubs for Peace was founded in order to support the government in empowering youth to become good citizens and agents of change who can transform Rwandan society.

We are working with Rwandan youth in primary and secondary schools across the country alongside teachers, school leaders and local leaders to prevent genocide ideology from taking root so every Rwandan will be proud to live in the country of a hundred hills. In alignment with the IAYG family’s philosophy of local partnerships, we work extensively with educators, community leaders, and local organizations to bring peace to more people.